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  1. John Browne
    August 13, 2023 @ 6:35 pm

    One can already see the corporate manipulations coming… the spinoff that’s saddled with the ‘blame’ for the economically poisonous attribute and then becoming the sacrificial goat that protects the actual guilty party. The phoney part of “corporate personhood” is that they can simply vanish & reappear moments later with a new name but the same old management & ownership… ready to be ‘reborn’.
    The legal percs that current laws offer to out-of-control capitalists are beyond “distressing”. They’re going to ultimately destroy our fledgling attempt at ‘democracy’, in favour of those old tried-&-true systems: kings, authoritarians, autocrats, & something like “corporate feudalism”. That’s where these kinds of confrontations with BIG $$ will take us. ^..^