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  1. Pamela Haun
    July 30, 2023 @ 11:51 am

    7/30/2023 The Powerful Chemical Companies in the USA with their Lobbyists and > Billion-dollar industry hold sway over our USDA, FDA, EPA, Farmers and our local Water Management County Commissioners. The EPA helped pass the Federal Clean Air & Clean Water Act Standards limiting the amount of any poisonous, dangerous and toxic chemicals emitted/dumped into our drinking waters, our Air and our lands. Remember, the Air and Water does not belong to our industries or corporations, but they have been dumping their toxic, poisonous and dangerous chemicals openly, unchecked/monitored and legally into our air, drinking waters and lands for about 275 years as part of their industry processes; textile dying & other fabric production, single use plastics & plastics, corporations polluting our drinking water with PFAS, USDA all form of chemicals from primarily growing our foods with pesticide, fungicides, weed killers, PFAS, ‘Forever Chemicals’ that are on all our vegetables and fruits legally & can’t be completely washed/cleaned off our foods and these chemicals being dumped, leached, runoff into our drinking waters & more, except for Organically Certified vegetables and fruit grown in our country. These chemicals also have long half lives and do not break down in the soil for many years. The grains that are grown to feed our cows, pigs, chickens, etc. are also being drenched in these poisonous, toxic, dangerous chemicals openly, legally and effecting the meat we eat. It is very difficult to rein in our Powerful Chemical Companies, but it must be done to protect the health of people, children, wildlife, fish, seafood and domestic animals. Independent Research Labs are testing specific chemicals and are finding in their results these chemicals produce: cancers, neuro-Distruptors, etc. A complete review of the chemicals being used to grow our foods, domestic animal’s food, furniture manufacturing, Textile production/manufacturing with plastic and microbeads washing into our waters and out to our oceans and have been found inside our seafoods and humans bodies and more products being manufactured in the USA. Environmental Lawyers are suing individual chemical companies due to the cancerous nature of their chemicals, and now the Chemical Companies are counter suing that they do not recognize/accept the results of their independent research labs.