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  1. Jeannine
    September 11, 2022 @ 11:46 pm

    Good article, Bill! I happen to love plastic for computer cases, patio furniture and tupperware, but I cringe when I see groups of veggies, like avocados or pears encased in plastic or styrofoam, even the new stuff. My uncle had been working at a nuclear site in Florida. I complained about that pollution/waste, and he retorted that our burning of foam bed pads after every patient in the hospital is horrendous for pollution! Yes, burying plastic and foam is far superior to burning it. I had no idea the “recycling” of trash included incineration!!! Those countries need big tractors to dig and transport, so that they won’t burn so much. This would be a good foreign investment. The pandemic was a disgusting overuse of plastics, a whole container for just a sandwich! I tried to argue for priorities, but the public was scare sick from media fear-mongering. And I order 3 months of prescriptions, could be six by the volume, to conserve on those huge bottles (for the sake of the label). Most supplements could have smaller bottles, too. It’s sad people don’t think of our fish and birds when they purchase stuff like canned food or bottles of sugar-water. Do people really know how few fish are left? I wonder if the spiraling is contaminated with plastic? Anyway, each person needs to use their imagination more and work on the reverence of how much and what they purchase—-that is one aspect of being conscious.